• “We’re gonna be late!” your friend whined. 

    You and a couple of your friends had gotten tickets to see Black Veil Brides and, needless to say, you were all freaking out on the inside.  You wanted the evening to be perfect; you couldn’t afford to be late.  But you didn’t want to be merely on time.  If there was any actual chance of meeting them, it would be before the show when the fans hadn’t arrived yet.  Meet and greets after the show would be packed and the chances of having any real conversation with them were minimal.

    You hung around the outside of the venue, looking around.  The gift box in your hands shook behind your trembling fingers.  Would you be able to give this to him?  What if he doesn’t like it?


    You looked up, following the direction of your friend’s pointed finger.  Your heart skipped a beat. 

    There he was.  The bassist of your favorite band was just fifteen feet away from you, chatting up some fans.

    “Go over there Y/N, give him your present,” said another friend.

    You looked down at the gift box hesitantly.  It was wrapped sloppily in silver wrapping paper and adorned with a black bow.  Suddenly you felt stupid.  It wasn’t Christmas; wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to get a normal gift bag for it?  And you weren’t the best when it came to wrapping gifts.  Your stomach clenched.

    “Uh… I don’t know.  He looks busy, I don’t wanna bother him…” you said, quietly.

    “Oh my God, are you kidding me?  What’s the point in coming so early then if you’re just gonna stare at him from all the way over here?”

    “I’m fine with that,” you said a little too quickly.

    “Y/N… go over there.  If he sees you coming, he might finish up with them quicker.  Otherwise, they’re gonna take their sweet time with him and then some other people are gonna walk over and you’ll never get a turn.”

    You looked at your friends.  They were all staring at you, looking rather disappointed.  You weren’t surprised.  You were, too.  But what if you make a big fool of yourself?  Yesterday, you were so confident, ready to treat the guys like you would any stranger you meet.  After all, they’re just people.  But right now… you were terrified of failing to present yourself the way you want to.  You were a likeable person… but what if you don’t come off that way to Ashley?  You just didn’t want to blow it.

    You nodded slowly.

    “You’re right…”

    “Good.  Now go or I’ll kill you,” said one friend as she pushed you in Ashley’s direction.  “And if you see Andy, call me over!”

    Your legs quivered, feeling weak as you walked towards him.  What would you say?  Hi, how are ya.  No, no, no, that’s too corporate business!  Oh my God, I love you, you’re so amazing and you’re such an inspiration to me!  Whoa, definitely not.  Too fan-girly.  Hey, I’m Y/N.  Wanna fuck?

    Ashley turned his head towards you, a smile still on his face from whatever he and the other fans were laughing about.  Oh no.  He sees you.  Ok.  Just stay calm, walk like a model and everything should be cool.

    “Hey,” you beamed at him as you approached him. 

    “Well, hey there,” he said with a smile.

    “I, um… I have a present,” you said rather shyly, sticking your hands out quickly. 

    “Is that for me?” he asked, grinning from ear to ear.  Somehow he managed to see passed your horribly wrapped present. 

    You nodded quickly and he took the gift box from you, unwrapping it.  You watched as the other girls stared at you.  It wasn’t clear to you whether or not they were annoyed by your presence because you interrupted them.  But hey, fair is fair.  They’ve been hogging Ashley long enough.

    “Aww!” you heard him say and you looked at him. 

    Joy danced in your heart as he observed the Hello Kitty plush that you hand-painted to look like Ashley’s war-painted self.  He spun her around and laughed when he saw the “69” painted on the back of her little sleeveless leather jacket.

    “I love her, she’s so awesome,” he said, completely enthused. 

    Without warning, he pulled you in for a hug and you felt the warmth of his hand rub your back.  Your heart pounded against your chest with brute force and you caught sight of the girls leaving in a huff.  He pulled away and the air chilled you.  You longed for his warmth, but you were grateful that you had gotten a hug from him.

    “I’m so glad you like her—“

    “I love her,” he said again, smiling like a little kid as he continued to turn her around in his fingers. 

    “She’s really cute.  Like you.  Except you’re way cuter.”

    Your cheeks quickly flushed, spots of red flaring up.

    "You have a backstage pass?" he asked.


    "Yes you do," he said, shocking you. "See me after the show at the meet and greet."

    You frowned. As much as you wanted to be with Ashley backstage, you couldn’t break your loyalty to your friends. They came to this show, too, and they loved Black Veil Brides just as much as you did. It just wouldn’t be fair to them.

    "I can’t…I can’t leave my friends," you said, your heart sinking.

    "They can come too."

    Your eyes widened, staring at him in awe.

    "R-really?" you asked.

    Your friends would be ecstatic. They weren’t Purdy Girls but they would freak out if they found out they have the chance to hang out with the band—especially Andy.

    Ashley nodded, his smile never ceasing.  “The package comes with another Pass, except this one’s exclusively for you.”

    You cocked your head to one side, your brows furrowing in question. 

    “Another pass?” you asked, watching him pull out a pen from his back pocket and tear off a piece of the wrapping paper.

    You looked down at it blankly when he finished, handing it to you.  You froze, unable to process what was in front of you.  But when you looked back up at him, he wasn’t looking at you.  His eyes wandered off to the side, a blush burning his cheeks.

    You grinned devilishly.

    “And what’s this?”

    “It’s my number,” he said, a little uncomfortably.

    You put your hands on your hips and looked at him.  You decided to tease him a little, forcing him to reveal exactly what was on his mind even though you already knew.

    “If you think I’m an easy screw, you’re wrong.”

    His eyes widened, shaking his head.

    “No, no, that’s definitely not what I mean.  It’s… it’s just…” he rubbed the back of his neck, sheepishly.

    “It’s what?” you pressed.

    “I…I wanna see you again… and I don’t just mean after the show…” he said quietly.

    “You mean like on a date?” you asked and his cheeks reddened even more.

    This was fun.  A few minutes ago, you were worried that you would make a huge idiot out of yourself and that he wouldn’t like you and now Ashley Purdy was finding himself in the same situation.

    “Y-yeah… I mean, you know, if you want to.  If you don’t want to, it’s cool…”

    You smiled, feeling yourself glow a light pink.

    “I dunnoo… maybe,” you giggled.  “We’ll see how it goes after the show.”

    But you already knew your decision.  In fact, you didn’t even have to think twice.  Little did you know, this would mark the beginning of a very interestingly sweet relationship with your favorite rockstar.


    (written by Sammie)